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Operating System

Using the Windows System Restore Function

Windows XP

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A lot of Windows users may experience serious operating system problems. These problems may be a result of spyware, viruses, software issues or hardware that was improperly installed. Any one of these issues can render the system partially or in some cases, completely unusable.

Fortunately, Windows comes with a System Restore utility that, in most cases, can solve the problems. It is a very speedy task — as long as you did not disable this feature.

Windows XP or ME Restore Instructions
Click the “start” menu and navigate to “programs.” Then go to “Accessories,” “System Tools” and finally, to “System Restore.”

Choose the” restore my computer to an earlier time” option and click “next.”

Select a date from the calendar that is presented. This calendar will only present dates that contain available restore points.

Click on your preferred date, followed by clicking on “next.” You will then click OK and “next,” at which time your computer will automatically shut down. Upon restart it will be restored to the point you previously indicated.

Windows Vista or 7 Restore Instructions.
Go to the start menu and navigate the following:
All Programs
System Tools
System Restore

From “system restore,” click on “choose a different restore point,” followed by clicking on “next.”

Click on your desired restore point, followed by clicking on “next,” and the finally the “finish” option.

You will then click “yes,” when you are prompted. The restore feature will automatically shut down your computer. Once again, upon start up your system will have been restored to your chosen restore point.

Keeping Your Windows Media Player Updated

Windows Media Player 12

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Many people rely on Windows Media Player to view and listen to their videos and music files. This player relies on codecs, otherwise known as drivers to playback the digital media files. Codecs are a small piece of software that lets the player compress and decompress files, allowing Media Player to perform its playback functions. Codecs can also reformat files to create different file types. An example of this is when you rip a CD song for playback on your computer.

If Media Player finds that it is missing a necessary codec, it will often just automatically download and install it. If the player can’t download or find the necessary codec, you will be presented with a message. These drivers can also become outdated or even damaged, causing the Media Player to malfunction. You may need to reinstall the entire Media Player application to alleviate this problem.

If you get a missing codec message, click on the “web help” button. Click on the subsequent WMPlugins.comlink. From this website you can find the codec you need. Simply click on the link and follow the install instructions.

If you think your codecs are corrupt, go to the Windows Media Download Center. From there, you will select the download Windows Media Player option. Click on the “download now” option. Once the application is download, follow the installation instructions. This will replace your current version of Media Player, as well as all the necessary codecs.

As you can see, keeping your Windows Media Player up-to-date is a simple process.

What is the Linux Operating System?

Tux, the Linux penguin

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To understand what the Linux Operating System is, you have to understand what an operating system is. Basically, an operating system is what makes your computer run, and different brands and types of computers have different operating systems.

Linux is simply another type of operating system, but what makes it so unique is that Linux was developed for use on personal computers. There may have been other operating systems that could work on personal computers, but usually they were lacking in key components, such as memory and the ability to share files and other things.

All operating systems will accept software; however, certain operating systems only accept certain kinds. Linux supports many different types of software, as well as some that was created exclusively for use in Linux systems. You can find more information on Linux software on thelinuxgurus.org.

Another good thing about Linux is that the source code (the thing the computer has to “read” to operate) is widely available. This means that anyone who wishes can contribute to the Linux operating system. This, in turn, means that upgrades and improvements are constantly being made.

As mentioned earlier, certain operating systems support specific software. This can make some of them a hassle to use, because you don’t have access to a lot of different features. It is true that Linux has exclusive software for its operating system, but the software gives you lots of feature options so you don’t feel “closed in”. Go to thelinuxgurus.org to learn more about the features on Linux software.


Windows Advancements for Small Business

The internet is benefiting small businesses. This is because if they have a website they are on the internet that reaches across the world. This marketing tool gives them the possibility of a larger customer base leading to more profit. A Windows advancement is designed to help small businesses as well.

There are many millions of small businesses as well as mid-size businesses that have around two personal computers. Nevertheless, over 50 percent of these businesses have no server or central computer for their services. That’s why Windows has created an advancement to give these businesses server opportunities. They introduce the Windows Small Business Server 2011 as a way to eliminate this vacancy.

Some things to consider about this opportunity are:

*High costs





There are three options to choose from with this technology. These are the standard, essential and premium add-on options.  Use the standard option for a small business that wants to work with a server at the work location. It is a complete solution that works with communication as well as collaborative technology. It handles up to 75 while the next step handles up to 25. That is the Essentials option, which is user friendly and is designed for the smallest business. It is priced the lower budget as well and will work to collaborate the entire office with online service. It can be upgraded. The premium add-on is considered to be powerful when it comes to management as well as analysis. It is also versatile working with all Microsoft servers.

Having a server will help with office management and organization as well as expanding business opportunities. Advancements continue to be made and small businesses are really starting to benefit because of these options.

Windows and Applications

Microsoft Windows has a wide array of applications. Some come already in place on the computer when purchased and others are available for download, for a minimal fee or free. There are even application upgrades available.

First, a Windows application is known as software programs. They work on any computer that uses the Microsoft Windows operating system. Second, it is good to understand a little more about a software application. This is also known as a program. It performs a particular function  by collaboratively working together in a logical set.

Third, when using a Microsoft Windows application it is typically contained in a “window” shape, but this is not always the case. When talking about a “window” this refers to the software working in screen sets that each handle a program or application. The “window “could provide control options for the “window”, but it does not have to do so. Another element that might be controlled is the program area size or shape.

Examples are:

*Mozilla Firefox

This is a free web browser with an open source. It is considered one of the top used web browsers worldwide.

*Microsoft Internet Explorer

This is a graphic web browser series that also goes by the name Windows Internet Explorer. It is frequently updated to help develop the best information and performance possible.


This application is a simple editing program for text that includes the capabilities of changing text font and size. It is used to not only edit, by just view text as well.

*Microsoft Excel

This program is used as a spreadsheet application. It includes tables, graphic tools and calculation features.


When a program gets a glitch using a debugging process is a way of fixing the program or cleaning away the “bug”. There are a variety of debugging applications, but it is important to use one that works with Windows when running Windows.

What are Some Interesting New Gadgets?

There have been many interesting gadgets developed over the last decades. Some examples are electronic gadgets, which are battery powered, such as MP3 Players, mobile phones, Bluetooths and GPS devices.

People are always looking for the next best thing in gadgets. They want to find something new and interesting. Sometimes even bizarre gadgets are popular at times. Cell phones are an example of interesting new gadgets because they continue to be upgraded. They constantly have elements added to keep them interested. All the interesting upgrades are done to compete with other companies that have introduced cell phones.  The other reason is these upgrades and interesting elements are in demand by customers.

Some interesting new gadgets that are becoming sought include:

  • Solar gadgets that are powered using social energy. These gadgets work well in bright light as well as sunlight.
  • Mini gadgets, which are small devices that are easy to carry, include web cameras and rechargeable USB cable.
  • Anti lock alarm gadgets that protect a person’s belongs.

Every day and every year there are new interesting gadgets being introduced. Some are found quickly in everyday life while others take some time to get into mainstream use. There are many interesting gadgets that have found popularity. Some include: TV watches, waterproof binoculars, talking dictionaries, 3D games and massage pads.

Often new gadgets are expensive at first. Then in time prices are reduced allowing people better access to items. Some new gadgets don’t last and others become widely used. There are many factors that determine if a new gadget will evolve into an old gadget. Reasons gadgets work is through popularity, cost of production and usefulness are all elements considered when continuing with a gadget.

What will be developed next in interesting gadgets? What is in production now? Many eagerly wait to find that out. It seems to be more and more exciting every moment to find interesting new gadgets.

Linux Live CD Vs Windows Installation CD – What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between having a live CD of a Linux distribution and having a setup file or installation disk of the Windows operating system in your hand? At first glance, you may feel that there is no distinction whatsoever. After all, inserting the CD is going to initiate the installation process.

Well, you have the option of using the live CD to install the Linux distro into your computer. However, this is not compulsory. If you wish, you can use the operating system on the CD itself. You can leave the hard disk completely empty but still use the flash drive or CD to open files and even connect to the internet. This should be no different than living out of a suitcase when you are in the hotel. However, when all your stuff is packed in wooden cartons, do you think you can try and live out of the same?

You will have to open everything and arrange everything before you can even think of leading a normal life. That is exactly how the Windows operating system works. The installation disk will only help you install a system on the computer. It will not help you run the operating system out of the CD itself.

This may not seem like a big deal but you never know when you may require urgent access to the computer only to find that your system has crashed. The biggest complication with reinstalling the operating system is that all the programs that you have installed in your system will also get removed.

You will have to not just install the operating system again but will have to focus on each and every software application that you use. When you make use of a live CD, you can either use the software application that is installed in the hard disk or you can make use of those programs that you have already installed in your live CD.


Outsourcing Programming Work

Programming is not in the league of most wanted professions. This job will not be wanted by most Americans for low pay. You sit right in front of a computer writing code all day long with little to no communication with other people. You have to keep learning new code languages in order to stay on top of what you are doing or risk falling to far behind to ever play catch up again.

The top universities still focus on the prestigious trades: lawyer, doctor, etc. Programming is not going to be prestigious any time soon. Don’t go this route if you want respect. Not only will there be no respect there may not even be a job in the future. Countries like India and Bangladesh even Romania are being outsourced to. Sure they may not do it as well as Americans at the moment, but it won’t take them long to figure out how.

Programming manuals are being translated into other languages more than ever. The person that was outsourced to write the manual probably just handed it to his brother so he could find a better job programming. This work is going out of the country and will not come back, because we can’t work for less. The cost of living in America is rising too high for us to compete with developing nation prices.

The best way for you to make money on programming is to be very good at it. You can’t be the best, because that guy probably wouldn’t waste his time reading this, instead he would be writing code that would make him millions. Be great at this trade, because the Indians are good. When they are great at it also, then you should start worrying. Right now just stay on top of what is coming out and keep writing.

A Look at the Various Operating Systems Available

The Xerox Star Workstation introduced the firs...
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When you purchase a computer you’ve already made the tough decision to go with a PC or a MAC, but your decision-making process has not stopped there. You will be faced with the decision about what type of operating system you want to use and download for your computer.

There are a dozen different types of operating systems are available for your computer. The operating system that you choose will depend upon what you are using your computer for. If you are an individual user you will most likely go with one type of operating system while a huge business such as one that handles rental offices for Los Angeles apartments might go with another type.

Here is a look at some of the different types of computer operating systems that are available for computer users to choose from.

A Graphic User Interface. A graphic user interface, or a GUI system, allows computer users to interact with the system generally through icons and the use of a mouse. Windows is a great example of a GUI operating system.

Multiprocessor. Some computer operating systems are unable to handle more than one computer on their system. These require the use of a multiprocessor system such as Windows 2000 or the Linux system.

Multitasking. A computer will sometimes need to multitask just like a human. It will need to run multiple software programs at one time and some operating systems work better than others when it comes to this type of operating system. Windows 2000 and Linux work better for computers that need to run more than one software at a time.

The choice of which computer operating system you choose to use on your computer is up to you. It is a good idea to figure out what your computer needs are and which operating system will work best for those needs before downloading an operating system.

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The History of the Cloud

Cloud computing infrastructure
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Have you heard, cloud computing is one of the fastest growing segments of computers and computing? It’s true. Many businesses, both small and large, are taking their data offsite and moving into the virtual realm. When did this all start happening and what is the history behind this whole movement? First of all, if you feel like you just started hearing about this whole concept of the Cloud, cloud computing and cloud storage in the past few years, you are right. But the whole idea behind these services is not.
First of all, people have been combining multiple computers and resources together to create a more powerful, single source for many years. Basically, as long as there have been scalability issues, there have been computer techs combining computers and multiplying their power to account for those issues. Also, the idea of charging people for a service and for use of their more powerful applications and hardware is also not new. So if these are not new then why are we just hearing of cloud computing on a regular basis?
The new and exciting concept behind the Cloud and working in this environment is so simple that it is a wonder it did take so long to be brought to the forefront. What is different now is that someone finally saw the benefit of taking all of the resources and services and then utilizing one user interface to access them. It is almost like bringing together a team of business professionals into one group and then hiring them out as a group instead of individually. Why it took so long to figure out is the big mystery. Now the developers, engineers, IT professionals and others are able to work on creating instead of constantly dealing with security and operational issues. Thus the Cloud was born and has grown up rather quickly.

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