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Is Your Phone Ready for the Unexpected?

Is Your Phone Ready for the Unexpected?

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It’s all well and good to have apps that play music, give you great recipes and entertain you while you’re waiting in line, but is your phone ready for the unexpected — and are you? Having instant access to great tunes won’t help you in a severe weather situation, during an attack or when your phone gets lost, but there are many apps that will. Be prepared for any disaster, big or small, by downloading apps that keep you and your phone a little safer every single day.

Prepare for the Unexpected

From little inconveniences to life-threatening weather situations, life happens on a daily basis — and it’s full of pitfalls. Be prepared, even for the unexpected, with phone apps that will keep you much safer.

  • Protect your phone against loss and theft with apps such as F-Secure. This anti-theft app can be used remotely to lock your phone or wipe its data if you think it’s been stolen. Your private pictures, texts and other files will stay safe. Using the app, you can also track and locate your phone. If you tend to lose your phone, download the Where’s My Droid app to track it easily. Use the app to send a text to your phone to turn off silent mode, make the ringer volume loud and start making noise to help you find it easily.
  • When disaster strikes, entire infrastructures can be destroyed. Electricity and phone lines may not work, but the Life360 app may. Use it to get quick access to family GPS tracking, emergency messaging, disaster planning and other helpful functions that help you stay safe in disaster situations.
  • You never know when you might be in danger — that’s exactly why it’s unexpected. Download Safety Button and keep yourself safe. Start the app, push the big red button and it will instantly start tracking and reporting your movements. If you’re in distress, press the button again to send a panic message to an emergency contact. The app will function in panic mode or medical mode, and will alert everyone in your “SafetyNet” by sending them a distress call. The world isn’t always safe, but you can be protected from even the unexpected.

Download and Install Safety Apps

There are so many apps out there, finding just one is like looking for that old needle in the haystack. You may search through pages of results before discovering an app you want, and by then you may not even feel like trying the app. Look for non-market Android apps on Technofied.net and other websites that provide online guides and easy-to-follow links. Comprehensive search tools make it easy to find just what you want to be prepared for the unexpected.

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